Ninja Cat Math Survive

Last Update:
November 24, 2017


4.0.3 and up

Rated 3.0 stars out of five stars




Have you ever wondered how would your adorable pet look like in a costume worn by a warrior? Watch, he even carries the ancient sword with him and that is so cute that it melts your heart. If you want to hang out with him all day long just tap only one button to download free the newest Ninja Cat Math Survive game for the phone. Meet the sensational fur creature and help him as he is in big trouble. He has to finish the race and avoid all the obstacles on his way. Although he seems powerful enough with that black costume he is not strong enough. Assist him in the best possible way you can. Try to set the highest score that one will be able to beat. Whenever you feel blue just click play and it will take you to the mountains where you will have the opportunity to breathe the fresh air. That will rejuvenate you completely and also improve your mood. Then you will sense the rush of adrenaline while you try to stay in the race as long as you can. By the way you also have to solve top math calculations that will refresh your arithmetic knowledge. Do not be shy if you do not know the answer to some questions but try to find it within the time limit. If you do not tap the button with the correct solution the coolest game will be over and you will have to come back to reality. Install the popular app on your phone and dive into the deep blue sky that will bring you the feelings of confidence and security. You desperately need them to manage to deal with any obstacle that is yet to come. So get the latest Ninja Cat Math Survive and play it for hours to try to be the best.
Your mission is to:
- Solve the math problems within the time limit
- Be careful not to stumble upon the obstacle
- Keep an eye on the enemy in the air and escape him
- Stay in the game as long as you can and set high score
Have you ever been amazed by the coolest landscape of the intact nature? Visit such places and find the peace and tranquility that we have somehow lost with the modern way of life. We are constantly in some rush and it is not strange that we even do not have time for ourselves. Today is the day when you will leave everything aside and get the top Ninja Cat Math Survive. Encounter this adorable fur creature running on the path in the mountains and help her achieve its goals. Stay in the latest game as long as you can and avoid the obstacles by tapping the buttons. There are two of them up and down and they are in the left corner of your screen. Across of it is the wooden board presenting you the math problems and when you look at the right you will see two solutions and only one of them is correct. You have to guess it and click on it within the given time and then the clock will be ticking again for another calculation. In the same time you have to be careful not to stumble upon the rocks or you will lose. Help your friend slide in order not to hit the airplane and stay alive. Download free the newest Ninja Cat Math Survive game on your phone and prepare for the most popular race that will amuse you like nothing before.
Interesting features of the game:
- The amusing appearance of the main character
- Arithmetic calculations that will improve your knowledge
- The sensational landscape from your dreams


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