Dump Truck Racing

Last Update:
September 9, 2015


2.3 and up

Rated 3.8 stars out of five stars




dump truck racing

Ready for something more then regular car games? Blend car racing adventures with parking games skill testing in a fantastic 3d realistic construction mission. Tighten your seat belt! It’s time to have some fun with this gigantic construction truck driving simulator. most beautiful construction cars there is. this is the game if you are really addicted to any aspect of driving and you want to know how it feels to drive around in a big car

If you love truck racing and you are looking for a cool and fun tracing game which is just 3D games then construction racing is the perfect choose for choice for you! Free to drive and fun to play.

* Collect coins to unlock all construction trucks
* Invest in powerups that will pimp your trailer Truck
* Upgrade you trucks car speed, Handling and breaking powers so you really own the road
* Real truckers can overtake traffic by driving on the opposite lane. Do that and earn double points


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